Our veterinary team carefully selected these energetic supplements for dogs with increased energetic needs such as recovering dogs, that will support them during this time of their life. 

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Wombyl PA will help drain your dog's or cat's uterus after birth.  - 30 ml bottle - 
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Traumasedyl PA is a homeopathic remedy for dogs and cats, typically used to treat contusions and injuries.  - 30 ml bottle -
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Nutri Plus Gel is a palatable, high-energy dietary supplement for dogs and cats no longer eating or drinking. It is also suited to pets in a state of recovery or dogs needing extra energy (dogs used for hunting, competitions, work, or dogs that are pregnant or lactating). - 120 g tube -
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Dermiel is a soothing and protective balm that helps heal wounds in all pets. Dermiel improves the condition of irritated and damaged skin by rehydrating skin and making it supple, and speeds up the healing of superficial cutaneous wounds thanks to the properties of honey and essential oils.  - 20 g or 100 g tube -
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Nutribound for dogs is a revitalising dietary supplement specially formulated to help dogs regain their health after a traumatic event. - Batches of 3x150 ml -
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