Just like you, your pet can suffer from stress caused by everyday life. Rumors of the city, fireworks, arrival of a new pet, move ... these are events that can affect your dog or your cat's health. Our veterinary team has a wide range of products adapted to these situations, sent straight to you through Direct-Vet.

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The Adaptil diffuser diffuses calming pheromones, perfect for stressed dogs. The Adaptil diffuser makes it easier for your dog to stay home alone and therefore helps to prevent barking, destructive behaviour, or accidents. - Diffuser + 1 month refill - - or 1 month refill bottle -
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Adaptil Transport Spray diffuses calming pheromones to help anxious or stressed dogs. Adaptil Transport Spray helps your dog to control manifestations of fear or distress. - 20 ml or 60 ml spray -
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