Taking care of your pet's eyes helps ensure your pet stays healthy. For regular eye care (or in conjunction with a treatment for an eye infection), our site provides a whole range of products carefully selected for your dog or cat, sent straight to you through Direct-Vet.

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Ophta-Clean is a physiological cleaner developed specifically to clean your dog's or cat's eyes.  - 100 ml bottle -
8,95 €
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Cleanocular is a cleansing solution made of gentle active ingredients to ensure the ocular hygiene of your dog or your cat. - 100 ml bottle -
12,25 €
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Ocryl is a sterile ocular solution to clean your dog's or cat's eyes and the area around the eye: eyelids and around the eyes. The Ocryl formula guarantees excellent tolerance.  - 135 ml bottle -
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Vetoquinol Eye Care is a physiological solution for daily eye care. - 125 ml bottle -
17,50 €
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Ocry-gel is a protective eye gel for dogs, cats, horses and new pets. Because it is a gel, Ocry-gel ensures daily eye protection and moistening. - 10 g tube -
11,05 €
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VT Phak syrup is a dietary supplement that provides the nutritional elements required to metabolise crystalline aggregates (the part of the eye that becomes opaque when your dog develops cataracts). - 50 ml bottle -
18,50 €
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