Our veterinary team has selected for you the best cat litter : the BreederCelect cat litter. It is 100% recyclable, does not produce dust: it is therefore perfect for cats, especially in case of allergy (allergic cat or...owner!).

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BreederCelect cat litter is an environmentally friendly, 100% natural cat litter made of recycled paper. Highly absorbant, chemical-free and long-lasting, BreederCelect cat litter is easy to use and easy on the pocketbook. - 30 litre bag -
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The Poopoopeedo cat litter box can either be used as a litter box or as a nest for your cat. This innovative design will fit well with any interior. - Available in 4 colours -BLACK, WHITE, ORANGE RED OR GREEN
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Have you had it with finding cat litter particles all over your floor? What is the best solution to deal with this problem permanently? You need a system that traps the litter and even allows you to reuse it.The anti-slip “Cat litter trapper” mat is THE solution to this little daily inconvenience. - “Litter trap” mat -- Comes in 2...
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An analysis of your cat’s urine forms the basis for diagnosing and conducting follow-up treatment of chronic cystitis. However, it can be difficult enough for your veterinarian to collect your cat’s urine under good conditions, never mind if you cat is stressed, not very cooperative, has an empty bladder, is feeling pain, etc. Collecting...
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