Our veterinary team has selected for you the best cat litter : the BreederCelect cat litter. It is 100% recyclable, does not produce dust: it is therefore perfect for cats, especially in case of allergy (allergic cat or...owner!).

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The Poopoopeedo cat litter box can either be used as a litter box or as a nest for your cat. This innovative design will fit well with any interior. - Available in 3 colours -BALCK, WHITE AND ORANGE
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Have you had it with finding cat litter particles all over your floor? What is the best solution to deal with this problem permanently? You need a system that traps the litter and even allows you to reuse it.The anti-slip “Cat litter trapper” mat is THE solution to this little daily inconvenience. - “Litter trap” mat -- Comes in 2...
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