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Buster DogMaze food maze dish is an innovative dish with a maze pattern that will stimulate your dog's intelligence at every meal. Benefits: entertains your dog and makes the meal take longer to eat. Results of using the Buster DogMaze food maze dish: a happier, healthier dog! - One size -- Available in 5...
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Buster's Mini DogMaze dish is a food maze dish for smaller dogs. If your dog is greedy, feeding it from this dish will force it to eat more slowly, thereby improving its digestion and ensuring a more balanced diet. - Available in 5 colours -
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The KONG Wobbler is an irresistible toy designed specifically for insatiable dogs. You can put either treats or kibbles in the KONG Wobbler - it dispenses the treats as is spins or rolls while your dog is playing with it. - One size: large -
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How do you keep your dog from eating your cat's kibbles? Or ensure that your sick cat only eats its prescription diet? Or make sure that your overweight cat doesn't eat all the other cats' kibbles?If you have ever had this problem, you no longer need to worry with the Surefeed microchip pet feeder!
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Surefeed's airtight bowl is an airtight dish that helps keep your pet's food fresh and helps retain its flavour.Do you want to keep your cat's food fresh longer and keep the food from attracting instests in the summer?Are you tired of having to throw out your cat's food because it spoils too quickly?Surefeed's airtight dish is THE...
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Snufflemat is a mental stimulation game for dogs. It was developed in the Netherlands by pet owners who loved their animals and wanted to provide them with a fun and stimulating game.   Your dog will develop its sense of smell and improve its problem-solving skills by searching for the kibbles or treats hidden in the mat. - Self-assembly kit -
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Do you often find yourself out walking your dog when you notice that your dog is thirsty, but you have no way of quenching his or her thirst?A dog water bottle is an essential accessory, allowing you to always have water available and to easily quench your dog’s thirst when you're out and about!- 350 ml or 550 ml bottle –- Pink or blue -
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