Just like you, your pet can suffer from stress caused by everyday life. Rumors of the city, fireworks, arrival of a new pet, move ... these are events that can affect your dog or your cat's health. Our veterinary team has a wide range of products adapted to these situations, sent straight to you through Direct-Vet.

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Epileptyl is a homeopathic medicine from Boiron laboratories, designed to combat epileptic seizures in dogs and cats. - 30 ml bottle -
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Nervosyl is a homeopathic medicine from Boiron laboratories that is specifically made to treat nervousness and stress in cats and dogs. Nervosyl is not a neuroleptic treatment and therefore does not provoke adverse side effects. - 30 ml bottle -
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Zylkene is the benchmark veterinary supplement to treat stress in cats and dogs. Zylkene will help your pet to easily and rapidly adapt to any change of situation. - 30 x 75 mg, 225 mg or 450 mg capsules -
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Anxitane is ideal to help your dog or cat when it finds itself in stressful situations! Anxitane is a palatable nutritional supplement that has a calming effect on dogs and cats.  - Box of 30 tablets -
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Rhumatyl is a homeopathic remedy for cats and dogs experiencing joint pain. - 30 ml bottle -
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Osteocynesine Veterinary is a homeopathic remedy developed by Boiron Laboratories, typically used to help with calcium metabolism issues. - Bottle with 100 tablets - Not available
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The Buster pill popper is an indispensable tool for cats that have problems swallowing tablets. The pill popper makes it much easier to administer a tablet right into your cat's throat without worrying about your fingers being bitten. - Soft-tip pill popper -
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