Our veterinary team has selected for you the best cat flaps on the market to ensure freedom of movement and safety to your cat.

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The Mounting Adaptor for SureFlap doors is a piece with rounded edges that helps cover the empty spaces around the cat door. It can be used when installing in a window, a wall or a larger hole from a former cat door.  - 2 sizes: for standard and large cat doors -- 2 colours: white and brown -
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SureFlap microchip Cat Flap is a revolutionary cat door that comes with a built-in microchip reader! The SureFlap cat flap selectively opens only to cats whose microchip has been programmed into the system. - 2 sizes: cats or large cats/small dogs -- 2 colours: white or brown -
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The SureFlap microchip cat door tunnel extender allows you to increase the length of the SureFlap Cat Flap or Pet Door if you are installing the cat door into a very thick wall. - 2 sizes: standard or large cat door -- 2 colours: white or brown -
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The SureFlap DualScan Microchip Cat Flap is a high-end electronic cat door that only allows cats to enter whose microchip it recognises. Because if its double antenna, it also allows you to selectively programme which cats can exit via the SureFlap cat door. - 2 colours: white or brown -
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Radio frequency identification (RFID) tags make it possible for your cat or small dog to be recognised by a SureFlap cat door (Suraflap Cat Flap or Pet Door) if your pet does not have a microchip implant. - Set of 2 RFID tags -
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The large SureFlap Connect cat door is the latest of the microchip-activated cat doors to be made by Sureflap! By using the Sure Petcare app to connect to the Hub, you can monitor your cat’s comings and goings, remotely lock and unlock the cat door, monitor your cat’s activities in real time and know whether your cat is inside.- One size: for large...
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