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The Medical Pet Shirt is a protective vest for cats that effectively protects your cat's injuries and bandages, while allowing your cat to move freely.  - Available in sizes XXXS to S -- Colour: red -
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BD Micro Fine insulin syringes are specially marked to inject Caninsulin or U-40 dosed insulin (40 international units per ml) into cats or dogs. - Box of 100 x 1 ml syringes -
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The O'TOM Tick Twister is the best tool for manually removing an entire tick, without leaving the tick's head in your pet's skin. The O'TOM Tick Twister is quick and easy to use, and comes in a plastic bag containing two sizes of Tick Twisters. - Bag of 2 O'TOM Tick Twisters -
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Insulin syringes are graduated specifically for injecting Caninsulin or insulin dosed at U-40 (40 international units per ml) into dogs or cats. - Box of 30 or 100 x 0.5 or 1 ml syringes -
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The Microlife VT 1831 digital thermometer was specially developed to be used on pets: it will give you a temperature reading in 10 seconds and it’s water proof!
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Whether at home or on holiday, a first aid kit for dogs or cats is as useful as it is compulsory. You should always have it within reach to be able to react fast in case of an emergency. - 1 complete first aid kit -
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Buster inflatable dog or cat collar helps your pet not to lick its wounds or bandage. Its key benefit are that it is much more comfortable and does not reduce the field of vision. - Available in sizes from XS to XXL -- Colour: blue -
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The Buster pill popper is an indispensable tool for dogs and cats that have problems swallowing tablets. The pill popper makes it much easier to administer a tablet right into your animal's throat without worrying about your fingers being bitten. - Soft-tip pill popper -
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Henry Schein insulin syringes for dogs and cats, specially graduated to inject Caninsulin or any dosed U40 (40 international units per ml) insulin. - Box of 100 1ml syringes -
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An analysis of your cat’s urine forms the basis for diagnosing and conducting follow-up treatment of chronic cystitis. However, it can be difficult enough for your veterinarian to collect your cat’s urine under good conditions, never mind if you cat is stressed, not very cooperative, has an empty bladder, is feeling pain, etc. Collecting...
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