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Cosequin is a food supplement to support cats' joints. Cosequin Cat capsules are easy to administer and can also be mixed directly with the food. - 45 capsules package -
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Rubenal is a food supplement specifically intended for dogs and cats suffering from chronic kidney disease. Rubenal is a natural supplement which the key ingredient is rhubarb (Rheum officinale).  - Box of 75 mg or 300 mg tablets -  
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Viacutan Plus is the benchmark nutritionnal supplement for cats and dogs' coat. Viacutan Plus contains a complex of essential fatty acids and vitamin E that nourish the skin, make the coat stronger and have a  natural anti-inflammatory activity on the whole body. - Box with 40 capsules or multiple dose pump -
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Zentonil Advanced is a dietary food supplement for dogs and cats that is specifically formulated to support the liver in case of chronic or acute liver insufficiency. - Box with 30 tablets -
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Seraquin Omega for cats is a 100% natural nutritional supplement that helps maintain joint function in older cats or those predisposed to cartilage issues, or following articular surgery. Seraquin Omega will help your cat progressively get back in shape. - 60 flavoured tablets - (also suitable for small dogs)
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Dermazyme Zinc (formerly Zinpro) is a zinc-methionine based dietary supplement with vitamins A & B for cats and dogs. It helps repair your pet's damaged skin or coat and can be used to treat zinc deficiencies. - 50 tablets -
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The Buster pill popper is an indispensable tool for cats that have problems swallowing tablets. The pill popper makes it much easier to administer a tablet right into your cat's throat without worrying about your fingers being bitten. - Soft-tip pill popper -
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