Our veterinary team carefully selected these energetic supplements for cats with increased energetic needs such as recovering cats, that will support them during this time of their life. 

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Wombyl PA will help drain your dog's or cat's uterus after birth.  - 30 ml bottle - 
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Traumasedyl PA is a homeopathic remedy for dogs and cats, typically used to treat contusions and injuries.  - 30 ml bottle -
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Nutri Plus Gel is a palatable, high-energy dietary supplement for dogs and cats no longer eating or drinking. It is also suited to pets in a state of recovery or dogs needing extra energy (dogs used for hunting, competitions, work, or dogs that are pregnant or lactating). - 120 g tube -
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Nutribound for cats is a liquid dietary supplement adapted to the specific nutritional needs of cats that are convalescing, cats that have undergone a traumatic event, or those that are not eating enough. - Batches of 3x150 ml -
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