Your dog's paws are very precious. If they get hurt, your dog will not be able to walk and run normally. In order to take care of them and protect them in any situation, Direct-Vet has a wide selection of simple and efficient products. 

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Easy to apply Paw Wax protects the pads of your dog's paws from damaging irritants (salt, snow, gravel, etc.), or particularly hard or abrasive surfaces. - 50 ml tube -
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Quick and easy to use, Solipat is a clear hardening solution that effectively protects the pads of your dog's paws. - 120 ml bottle -
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Dermazyme Zinc (formerly Zinpro) is a zinc-methionine based dietary supplement with vitamins A & B for cats and dogs. It helps repair your pet's damaged skin or coat and can be used to treat zinc deficiencies. - 50 tablets -
20,35 €
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