Treating your pet for worms and other intestinal parasites is key to ensuring your pet's health. Our veterinary team has carefully selected a range of products for all ages. Sent straight you through Direct-Vet.

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Dolthene is a liquid deworming treatment to put on your pet's food. Dolthene combines ease of use and a broad action spectrum for optimum protection of your dog. - 20 ml, 50 ml or 100 ml bottle -
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Flubenol oral paste is a dog and cat dewormer. A broad spectrum anthelminthic (dewormer), Flubenol is a simple and effective dewormer, particularly due to the fact that it is administered orally using a syringe. - 7.5 ml syringe -
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It is important to properly deworm your puppy using Drontal to promote good health and optimum growth. Drontal puppy dewormer is easy to administer and has been proven as an effective dewormer for young dogs. - 50 ml bottle - Currnetly not available
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Vitaminthe is a broad spectrum dewormer that can be used in both cats and dogs. Its paste format makes it easy to administer right onto the tongue. - 10 ml or 25 ml syringe -
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