Treating your pet for worms and other intestinal parasites is key to ensuring your pet's health. Our veterinary team has carefully selected a range of products for all ages. Sent straight you through Direct-Vet.

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Drontal Cat tablets eliminate all types of intestinal worms that your cat might come into contact with, in a single dose. Tablets can be administered on an empty stomach - there is no need to feed your cat before. - Box of 2 tablets -
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Milbemax is a next generation broad spectrum dewormer for cats. Milbemax cat dewormer tablets are coated with beef flavour, making them easy to administer.   - Large cats: box of 4 tablets - - Small cats or kittens: box of 2 tablets -
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Panacur is a broad spectrum dewormer for dogs and cats, available as water soluble tablets. Panacur for dogs and cats can be easily and quickly dissolved in a bit of water, making it easy to deworm your dog or cat. - Box of 10 tablets, 250 or 500 mg -
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The Buster pill popper is an indispensable tool for cats that have problems swallowing tablets. The pill popper makes it much easier to administer a tablet right into your cat's throat without worrying about your fingers being bitten. - Soft-tip pill popper -
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Milpro cat dewormer is a broad spectrum dewormer. Easy to use, it is very effective against worms. Milpro cat dewormers comes in meat-flavoured tablets, making them easy to administer.- For large cats (> 2 kg): box of 4 tablets -
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