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Dr. Noys cat toys are stuffed with catnip, guaranteed to drive your cat crazy and encourage it to play!
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A quality KONG toy for your cat: a stuffed velour mouse filled with catnip for irresistible play time!
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Your cat will love attacking or cuddling with KONG Kickeroo. KONG Kickeroo is a toy that brings out your cat's feline instinct, especially its hunting instinct.
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The feathers on the Swizzle Bird Teaser will awaken your cat's hunting instinct. The feathers on the Swizzle Bird Teaser live up to the high quality KONG is known for: natural feathers, durable stem, super soft plush fabric.
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Is your indoor cat bored? Showing signs of being anxious or bored?Help your cat discover the benefits of being outside with Pipolino-M, a game and kibble dispenser that will encourage your cat to look for its food, thereby satisfying your cat's natural predatory instinct, that of hunting for and looking for its meals. - 1 Pipolino-M...
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Your cat’s claws grow continuously, which means that sometimes, it will use surfaces that you’d rather not let it use to sharpen its claws. The Duvo+ cardboard cat scratcher with catnip will attract your cat and naturally encourage it to sharpen its claws on this surface, thereby sparing your furniture and ensuring that both you and your cat are happy in...
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The KONG cat kickeroo twirl teaser cat toy is ideal to stimulate your cat's hunting instinct. The toy consists of a stick with a string that is attached to a spiral-shaped “tail” with a feather at the end, and it will provide your cat with hours of fun when it tries to catch this tail.
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