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Halti Headcollar is a control halter that allows you to lead your dog by its head. The Halti Headcollar is very easy to use and will not cut off your dog's air supply during basic educational activities. - available in 5 sizes, colour: black -
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The Aboistop anti-bark collar allows a simple and smooth reeducation for your dog to learn to keep calm. The Aboistop anti-bark collar includes a spray that will automatically release lemongrass each time your dog barks.  - available for small and large dogs -
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The Aboistop anti-bark collar includes a spray that will automatically release lemongrass each time your dog barks. The refill bottle is specially designed to be used with the Aboistop anti-bark collar. - 75 ml refill spray bottle -
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The Lupi no-pull harness transforms your dog’s pulling movement upwards, which will prevent your dog from pulling on its leash. Your dog will feel no pain, nor will it struggle – it will simply stop pulling. - Lupi Harness comes in 3 sizes; colour: black -
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Clix Treat Bag is a convenient training accessory that allows you to always have treats and training accessories within reach. It is handy and easy to use. - Available in 3 colours -
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The Sporn anti pull mesh harness prevents the dog from pulling on its leash. Simple and effective, the Sporn harness gives you control of your dog without hurting it. - Available in 3 sizes, colour: black -
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Clix Car Safe is a harness that was specifically designed to ensure the safety and comfort of your dog during car trips. The Clix Car Safe harness acts as a real seatbelt for dogs and reduces risks incurred due to accidents. - Available in 4 sizes -
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Battery for Aboistop standard anti bark collar (dogs weighing more than 8kg). Code 539 - 4LR61 - 6.0 V. Batteriy supplied by the manufacturer of the Aboistop anti bark collar. Guaranteed to work well and to be compatible with the product. 
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Battery for the ABOISTOP COMPACT collar (as well as for the MASTERPLUS PRO and ZONE PROTECTOR collars). Lithium 6 V battery - 2CR11108. Battery supplied by the Aboistop collar manufacturer: guaranteed to work well and fit perfectly.
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Are you tired of having your dog pull on its leash? We have a simple solution: the Halti harness, which prevents your dog from pulling on its leash and makes it easier to train your dog, thanks to an innovative attachment mechanism.- Available in 3 sizes -- Available in red and black -
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Halti dog training leash with a double attachment system (at each end). Developed by veterinarian Dr. Roger Mugford, this multipurpose leash can be used in 8 different ways, thereby ensuring that you have perfect control of your dog. - Available in 2 sizes -- Available in black -
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The Helping Hand support harness is useful accessory to help your dog recover from surgery. The Helping Hand support harness is perfect after surgery as it reduces the amount of weight placed on hind legs and the spinal column. - Available in M and XL -
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