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Stimulo is a cat kibble dispenser. Made of several tubes in different heights, it is like a game for cats, stimulating its hunting instinct. It's an ideal accessory for cats in apartments. - Level 1 and 2 -
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How do you keep your dog from eating your cat's kibbles? Or ensure that your sick cat only eats its prescription diet? Or make sure that your overweight cat doesn't eat all the other cats' kibbles?If you have ever had this problem, you no longer need to worry with the Surefeed microchip pet feeder! 
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Add a splash of colour to your Surefeed pet feeder so that you can tell at a glance which feeder belongs to which of your cats. - Single or double bowl -- Colours: pink or blue - 
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Add a bit of colour to your pet feeder with the Surefeed silicone mat and quickly identify which Surefeed feeder belongs to which of your cats! - Colours: pink or blue - 
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The Buster pill popper is an indispensable tool for cats that have problems swallowing tablets. The pill popper makes it much easier to administer a tablet right into your cat's throat without worrying about your fingers being bitten. - Soft-tip pill popper -
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Surefeed's airtight bowl is an airtight dish that helps keep your pet's food fresh and helps retain its flavour.Do you want to keep your cat's food fresh longer and keep the food from attracting instests in the summer?Are you tired of having to throw out your cat's food because it spoils too quickly?Surefeed's airtight dish is THE...
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Stimulate your cat or small dog to drink with a Drinkwell butterfly drinking fountain - Drinkwell butterfly drinking fountain: 1.5 L -
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