The coat is the first element to watch in order to evaluate your pet's health. Our veterinary team has carefully selected a wide range of products for external care, sent straight to you through Direct-Vet.

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Cothivet is an antiseptic and healing spray that is used to treat wounds in dogs and cats, regardless of the wound's origin, nature, its extent or location. - 30 ml or 100 ml spray bottle -
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Dermacool Spray for cats and dogs is specifically formulated to rapidly relieve itchiness. - 50 ml spray bottle -
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Douxo Calm Micro-Emulsion is a spray that will sooth inflammatory itchiness in cats and dogs. Douxo Calm Micro-Emulsion Spray can also be use as an alternative to Douxo Calm Shampoo, to more easily contorl chronic inflammation (such as allergies for example). - 200 ml bottle -
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Viacutan Plus is the benchmark nutritionnal supplement for cats and dogs' coat. Viacutan Plus contains a complex of essential fatty acids and vitamin E that nourish the skin, make the coat stronger and have a  natural anti-inflammatory activity on the whole body. - Box with 40 capsules or multiple dose pump -
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Megaderm is a palatable nutritional supplement based on essential fatty acids, zinc and vitamins to reinforce the skin's integrity during or after your dog's or cat's allergic reactions and seborrhoeic keratosis. - 250 ml bottle -
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Megaderm is a palatable nutritional supplement containing high-quality essential fatty acids, zinc and vitamins keep your dog's or cat's dermatological problems under control. Available in single-dose sachets, Megaderm is very easy to add to your pet's food. - Single-dose 4 ml or 8 ml sachet -
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Betadine is the go-to disinfectant in your veterinary therapeutic arsenal. Betadine is perfect to clean skin and mucous membranes and for emergency antisepsis of infected cutaneous lesions or lesions exposed to possible infectious sources. - 120 ml or 500 ml bottle -
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Aluspray is a micronised aluminium spray that serves as a protective barrier and to heal all types of wounds. - 210 ml spray bottle -
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Hydrovet (equivalent to Cothivet) is a healing and antiseptic spray to treat cats and dogs's wounds, regardless of the origin, nature, extent or localisation of the wound.  - 30 ml or 100 ml spray -
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Dermazyme Zinc (formerly Zinpro) is a zinc-methionine based dietary supplement with vitamins A & B for cats and dogs. It helps repair your pet's damaged skin or coat and can be used to treat zinc deficiencies. - 50 tablets -
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Douxo Pyo Micro-Emulsion is an anti-bacterial and antifungal spray, ideal for treating your dog’s or cat’s skin infections.The spray is easy to apply, making application less stressful. Mild and soothing to the skin, Douxo Pyo Micro-Emulsion is ideal for treating your pet’s superficial or deep skin infections while helping to maintain the skin’s...
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Douxo Pyo Mousse is an antibacterial and anti-fungal skin-treatment product. Its no-rinse mousse formula allows you to give your pet an enjoyable and relaxing massage, while treating its skin.Mild and soothing to the skin, Douxo Pyo Mousse is ideal for treating your pet’s superficial or deep skin infections while helping to maintain the skin’s natural...
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