When your pet is faced with specific medical problems, your veterinarian will suggest specific food that will address these issues. Find them here, on Direct-Vet's website.

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Special osteoarthritis food has been developed for dogs with joint degeneration. This food helps dogs with stiff joints walk, run, play and climb stairs.


When your pet is suffering from kidney issues, it is important to provide them with food that does not overburden their kidneys.


Food that has been developed for heart-related issues helps the heart at all stages of cardiac insufficiencies and is fully compatible with heart medication. 

Cancer convalescence

A specific food for pets recovering from surgery or suffering from any other illness, such as cancer, that provides them with unparalleled nutritional support to help boost their metabolism during critical periods.

Obesity - diabetes

Weight loss, weight control, monitoring nutritional intake - if your dog is suffering from obesity or diabetes, it is essential that its diet be monitored.


Poor food choices can be the origin of gastro-intestinal issues. Allergies, food intolerances, gastroenteritis, pancreatitis: each problem can be alleviated through the appropriate food.

Allergies - skin issues

This section contains different types of food adapted to your pet's skin issues, whether or not they are due to allergies.

Urinary tract stones

We carry food that will help dissolve urinary tract stones, inhibit their formation and prevent recurrence. Recommended and as prescribed by veterinarians.


If your old dog is suffering from pathological ageing and behavioural issues related to senility, you can lessen the effects of ageing by providing your dog with specific food.


When your dog has liver-related issues (lipidosis, hepatic insufficiencies, liver disease, etc.), it is important to support liver function with food that does not overburden the liver. We carry a wide range of therapeutic food that will help maintain the stability of your pet's liver.


The act of chewing specially developed kibbles can help preserve your dog's oral health. We carry a full range of specially-selected kibbles intended to maintain your dog's oral health.

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Hill's Prescription Diet i/d Canine Low Fat canned dog food Stew flavoured with Chicken and Vegetables is recommended if your dog suffers from:Gastrointestinal issues (gastritis, enteritis, colitis) Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency Pancreatitis Hyperlipidemia Lymphangiectasia - 12 x 354 g cans -
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Royal Canin Gastro Intestinal Moderate Calorie kibbles are a highly digestible, moderate-calorie diet specially formulated for dogs with digestive problems and a tendency to become overweight. - Bags of 2 - 7.5 and 15 kg.
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