Pet Corrector Spray


Pet Corrector is an inoffensive and odourless spray that helps to stop and correct your pet's inappropriate behaviour (untimely barking, stealing, destructive behaviour, attacks, etc.).


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Pet Corrector Spray - How it works

Designed by the famous international pet behaviourist veterinarian, Dr. Roger Mugford (creator of the Halti Harness), Pet Corrector Spray quickly and effectively helps to prevent undesirable behaviour in pets. It works by emitting a loud hissing sound (a jet of compressed air) that will interrupt your dog while it is misbehaving, but without hurting your dog or its ego, and without putting you at risk.

The hissing sound emitted by the Pet Corrector Spray mimics the natural defence mechanism of several types of animals (snakes, geese, cats, different insects, etc.).

Dogs are naturally sensitive to this hissing sound, which makes the Pet Corrector Spray an effective educational tool, easy to use and to transport.

The most interesting aspect of the Pet Corrector Spray is the opportunity to educate your dog after it has heard the hissing sound. If you take advantage of the moment after the hissing to show your dog how to behave properly and reward it for doing so (by petting your dog or giving your dog a treat), it will learn the appropriate behaviour in order to please you and get its reward.


Using the Pet Corrector Spray

  • Excessive barking

Barking is normal behaviour for most dogs, but it can be annoying and inappropriate. Barking at passers-by from the window of your home or car is a frequent complaint of dog owners. The best response would be to ignore your dog and its barking so that it would learn that this is not an effective way to attract attention. Unfortunately, ignoring barking is not always possible, especially if there are other people involved, like neighbours! Pet Corrector Spray is great for situations such as these.


  • Defining your dog's territory

There are always areas where we don't want our dogs to go, such as certain rooms of the house (the bedroom or the living room), or certain furniture (the bed, the sofa, etc.). To keep your dog from entering certain rooms or jumping onto furniture, Pet Corrector Spray is perfect - activate the hiss as soon as your pet breaks the rule, and take your pet back to the permitted area.

The easiest thing to do with puppies is to simply forbid access to these restricted areas by putting up a gate or closing a door. This way, it will never learn to go into these rooms or climb on the furniture. It is important to be extremely vigilant at first and to be consistent (i.e. don't make the couch out of bounds on Monday but allow it on Tuesday).


  • Jumping up onto people

Jumping is a behaviour that most dog owners find annoying, and in some cases, it can be dangerous. The best way to keep a dog from jumping is to never pay attention to the dog when it happens! Even saying "No" or "Sit" reinforces this attention-seeking behaviour. Owners should simply turn their back on this behaviour and move away each time the dog tries to get their attention in this way. All members of the family, including visitors, should make it a habit to interact with the dog when it has all four paws on the ground (and even better, when the dog is sitting, something that is easily learned and reinforced through the use of treats each time the dog voluntarily sits to welcome visitors).


  • Stealing and destructive behaviour

Not stealing and not destroying furniture is part of a puppy's basic training. Pet Corrector Spray is the perfect method to train dogs not to engage this behaviour - when you catch your dog in the act, use the spray to distract from this undesirable behaviour.


Pet Corrector - Instructions for use

  • Test your pet's sensitivity - activate the spray at a distance of more than one metre.
  • Direct the spray away from your pet's face (and never directly towards your pet).
  • Only use Pet Corrector Spray to interrupt a serious mistake - it is not meant as a substitute for poor education.
  • The timing of the spray is crucial - only use it when the bad behaviour is taking place. Be sure to reward your pet as soon as the bad behaviour has stopped, ideally while it is behaving in a positive manner.
  • Make each spray as quick and short as possible (so that the Pet Corrector Spray can does not empty too quickly).
  • Only work on one behaviour issue at a time (for example, jumping on people). Once this behaviour has been corrected, you can tackle a different behavioural problem, if required.
  • Dispose of the aerosol can responsibly when it is empty (do not burn, incinerate or puncture).



pet corrector= super

fonctionne très bien sans danger pour l'animal s'use assez vite j'ai découvert ce produit et en suis ravie, fonctionne tres bien et sans danger pour l'animal car aucun produit actif juste un bruit!
je conseille

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    Pet Corrector Spray

    Pet Corrector Spray

    Pet Corrector is an inoffensive and odourless spray that helps to stop and correct your pet's inappropriate behaviour (untimely barking, stealing, destructive behaviour, attacks, etc.).


    - 50 ml spray -

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