Milkodog - Maternal milk for puppies


Milkodog is a maternal milk substitute specifically developed for puppies.


- 350 g + 1 bottle + 2 nipples -

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Milkodog is a milk substitute made by Vetoquinol Care, used in the care of and specifically formulated for puppies. Milkodog is formulated to be very close to maternal milk and contains numerous vitamins (A, B, C, D and E) and minerals (iron, copper and zinc), guaranteeing healthy growth in puppies. 

Milkodog can be used as a dietary supplement in puppies or as a dietary supplement if the mother is not producing enough milk.


Milkodog maternal milk for puppies - Indications for use

Milkodog is indicated when the maternal milk for puppies needs to be replaced.


Milkodog - Administration and dosage

Use the bottle provided. Always make sure that the milk is the perfect temperature. Puppies drink about 23 ml of milk for every 100 g of body weight.

Weigh your puppies daily for the first four weeks and then slowly get your puppies used to solid food.


Milkodog is to be fed to your puppies on a regular, frequent basis over the entire day. Puppies will be able to drink on their own once they reach three weeks of age.


Milkodog - Composition and contents

  • 1 x 350 g bottle and 2 nipples.
  • Milk and milk products, eggs and egg products, minerals
  • 28.6% crude protein, 25.8% crude fat, 13.1% crude fibre, 5.5% crude ash, 2.6% water.


Milkodog - Shelf life

Store in a cool place after opening. Storing prepared milk: Try to only make in small quantities, just enough for each feeding. Use immediately after preparing the milk, and store in fridge.


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Milkodog - Maternal milk for puppies

Milkodog - Maternal milk for puppies

Milkodog is a maternal milk substitute specifically developed for puppies.


- 350 g + 1 bottle + 2 nipples -

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